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Violence Prevention Evidence Base and Resources

Violence destroys the lives of millions of people throughout the world. In the UK alone, almost three million incidents of violence are estimated to be committed towards adults each year, with thousands more directed at children. Yet, violence and its devastating impacts on individuals, families, communities and wider society can be prevented.

The purpose of this website is to provide a violence prevention resource for policy makers, practitioners and others working to tackle and prevent violence. The website includes:

  • Evidence Base: abstracts of systematically reviewed literature providing evidence of measures that can work to prevent violence
  • Resources: key publications and resources on violence and prevention
  • UK Violence and Injury Prevention Focal Point: UK specific information on violence and its prevention through the national Focal Point for Violence and Injury Prevention to the World Health Organization
  • Violence Prevention Alliance: information and links to the global Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA), including specific details and resources from the VPA Working Group on Youth Violence, Alcohol and Nightlife
  • Violence Indicator Profiles for the English Regions (VIPER): data on violence for local authority areas across the English regions. Data provided includes hopsital admissions for violence, police recorded violent crime and mortality data
  • TEACH-VIP: is a comprehensive injury prevention and control education programme which has been developed through the efforts of WHO and a network of global injury prevention experts
  •  News: updates on new publications and events on violence prevention
  •  Links: signposting to relevant organisations and resources for violence prevention information
  • Contribute: an opportunity for organisations to submit resources for inclusion in the site
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