Nighttime Clear Aligners Review: Pros, Cons, and the Best Brands

Nighttime Clear Aligners Review: Ultimate Brands of 2022

Nighttime clear aligner treatment plans completely changed the teeth straightening game, providing you with direct access to the tools you need to straighten your teeth while using aligners for as little as eight hours a day.

But are nighttime aligners safe and effective, or are they just a lazy alternative for people who don’t take their treatments seriously?

This article dives into the pros, cons, and different brands of nighttime aligners on the market and whether or not they work as advertised.

Key Takeaways

  • There are a variety of nighttime transparent aligner brands available to help you achieve perfectly straight teeth.

  • Unlike traditional clear aligners, nighttime aligner trays only have to be worn between eight and ten hours a night.

  • Most nighttime aligner brands work together with a licensed dentist or orthodontist to create a treatment schedule.

  • The four leading nighttime aligner brands are Byte, AlignerCo, Smile Direct Club, and NewSmile.

  • Nighttime aligners are often cheaper than regular braces.

  • Clear aligner FDA approval varies from brand to brand.

  • Nighttime aligners are significantly more affordable than Invisalign.

What Are Night-Time Clear Aligners or “Night Braces?”

Nighttime aligners are invisible aligner trays that you only wear at night, typically while sleeping.

Unlike traditional braces, nighttime clear aligners are made of clear plastic and are removable. They also offer a variety of benefits over regular methods for straightening teeth.

In the case of traditional braces, you may have to cut out many of your favorite foods, spend hours in a dentist’s chair, and spend years with shiny metal fittings that cut your gums and draw unwanted attention.

Although traditional clear aligners offered a revolutionary solution to people who don’t want to sacrifice their food choices or gum health for the sake of straight teeth, they have to be worn for over 22 hours each day and require brushing four times a day.

If you’re curious, here’s a detailed review of some of the best invisible braces on the market today.

How Do Nighttime Clear Aligners Work?

Nighttime clear aligners are BPA-free plastic trays used at night to gradually straighten teeth.

It may take 6-18 months of wear to let your teeth shift into a correct, more suitable position. During this time, you will need to regularly switch your aligner tray for one that brings your teeth alignment closer to the result you desire to achieve.

You must maintain regular nighttime treatment, wearing your aligner for at least 8 to 10 hours a day.

Starting treatment with nighttime invisible aligner trays involves first visiting a dentist or orthodontist, making an appointment for a dental imprint of both your top and bottom teeth, or using a home dental impression kit to assess what work must be done and your estimated treatment time.

Are Nighttime Clear Aligners Effective?

Nighttime aligners are adequate for low to moderate levels of tooth alignment requirements [1].

Clear aligners showed to have positive effects on correcting teeth alignment compared to fixed braces

Nighttime clear aligners are similar to standard clear aligners, except for their daily wear duration. Although there are not many trials or studies on the effectiveness of nighttime aligners, clear aligners are better researched and offer similar effects on your teeth.

If overseen by a dentist or orthodontist, the use of nighttime clear aligners can reduce treatment time and the amount of time spent in the dentist chair compared to traditional orthodontic treatment [2].

Around 87% of all patients using direct-to-consumer clear aligners, like those listed in this article, were satisfied with their treatment, while 6% experienced adverse effects [3].

Are Nighttime Clear Aligners Safe?

Nighttime clear aligners are typically deemed safe and some brands are even FDA approved [4]. FDA approval of clear nighttime aligners varies from brand to brand, although each aligner tray is made of similar materials and follows similar treatment processes.

If you are interested in straightening your teeth through the use of nighttime aligners, it is recommended you discuss your options with your dentist. Despite the general safety, using clear aligners for only a few hours during the day may cause your teeth to move side to side more frequently and may adversely affect your tooth roots [5].

It is important to note that, despite dentists and orthodontists playing an essential role in the production and planning of nighttime aligners, the quality of information used by brands when claiming medical approval can often be vague and hard to read.

Clear Aligners vs. Nighttime Clear Aligners

Unlike other invisible aligner trays that require 22 hours of wear, including daytime treatment, nighttime only aligners provide all the same benefits like allowing you to eat any food you like, shortened treatment time, and less time in your dentist’s office while only being worn for 10 hours each night.

How Are Nighttime Aligners Different?

  • Daytime aligners work to straighten your teeth faster as they are worn for 22 hours compared to 10 hours for nighttime aligners.
  • Nighttime aligners are less invasive as you only need to wear them at night.
  • Daytime aligners may suit more severe orthodontic issues than nighttime treatment.

Night Time Clear Aligners Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using nighttime invisible aligners.


  • Allows teeth straightening without using regular braces.
  • They’re invisible.
  • You can eat and drink whatever you like.
  • You only need to use them for ten hours during the night.
  • They use the same aligners as standard daytime treatment, just with a different schedule.
  • It can be cheaper than regular braces.
  • Can straighten teeth within 6-18 months.
  • They don’t cause the same cuts from metal braces.
  • You don’t need to spend as much time at your dentist’s office.
  • They can be bought without an orthodontist or dentist visit, although it’s not recommended.


  • There’s a possibility of orthodontic relapse once you stop wearing aligners.
  • Nighttime aligners are typically used without x-rays, so your bone structure isn’t taken into account during treatment.
  • It may take more time to straighten teeth than regular aligners.
  • Nighttime aligners are only recommended for mild to moderate misalignments.

Where Can I Get Nighttime Aligners?

NIghttime aligners can be easily purchased direct through mail, but before buying nighttime aligner trays or beginning a treatment plan, you should discuss the best teeth aligners available to you with a licensed dentist or orthodontist.

Often your teeth misalignment may need more intensive treatment than a nighttime aligner can provide, or you may require x-rays, an extraction, or surgery before use.

That being said, the following are the best brands of nighttime invisible aligners: Byte, AlignerCo, Smile Direct, and NewSmile. We’ll take a look at each one, see how they compare and how you can get your teeth around these aligners.

1. Byte

The Byte clear aligner brand is owned by Dentsply Sirona Inc. Byte supplies customers with online ordered clear nighttime and traditional aligners. Dentsply Sirona is the world’s largest professional dental product and technology manufacturer, while Byte is FDA cleared and overseen by dentists, doctors, and orthodontists.

Quick View: Byte
Cost How Long Do You Wear Them For? Average Treatment Duration FDA Approval
$2,295 10 hours each night 5-6 months No, only FDA cleared

Byte nighttime clear aligner is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable, non-disruptive way to straighten your teeth.

The first step in acquiring these nighttime aligners is purchasing an at-home impression kit for $95. The impression kit allows Byte to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for their aligners. If you do not qualify, the company offers a full refund on your aligner costs.

Once you are approved as a candidate, you will be offered a treatment preview by a dentist or orthodontist before receiving your first aligner tray soon after.

The Byte nighttime invisible aligner package includes a HyperByte technology that uses vibrations to reduce alignment time. It also provides you with a one-month supply of BrightByte teeth whitening spray.

Although the one-time payment price for Byte nighttime clear aligners is $2,295, the company does offer a monthly payment plan of $99 for 29 months after a $449 deposit.

Byte also offers a lifetime guarantee, takes various insurance plans and HSA and FSA debit cards, and offers an additional Byte Protection Plan that includes five years of retainers and coverage for lost or stolen aligner trays.

The Byte lifetime guarantee ensures additional treatment should your teeth move out of alignment. To maintain this guarantee, you may only use Byte retainers after your initial treatment.

If you’re interested in Byte nighttime clear aligners, check out our Byte Aligner review for more information.

2. AlignerCo

AlignerCo is based in New York and is one of the fastest-growing invisible aligner manufacturers on the market. A licensed dentist approves each treatment plan based on your dental impressions and medical history.

Quick View: AlignerCo
Cost How Long Do You Wear Them For? Average Treatment Duration FDA Approval
$1,345 8-10 hours each night 6-8 months Material is FDA-approved

The AlignerCo dental impression kit costs $39.99 and is included in the cost of the teeth aligners listed above. If you are not a good candidate for treatment, your payment will be refunded.

Once you have taken the impressions and returned them to AlignerCo, you will be provided with a personalized NightOnly clear aligner, a teeth whitening kit, and a set of retainers. AlignerCo’s NightFlex and NightFlex Easy payment plans consist of monthly payments of $99 for 12 months or $105 for 11 months, respectively, after a $345 down payment.

Their WorryFree protection plan includes a retainer replacement every six months as well as an on-demand supply in case your retainer is lost.

If you follow all the treatment requirements and are unhappy with the results, AlignerCo will re-evaluate your results and possibly provide additional aligners.

AlignerCo does not accept insurance benefits, but they do take FSA and HSA debit cards. If using insurance to pay for your night aligners is a deal-breaker, Byte may be the better option.

For more information about AlignerCo’s products, take a look at our complete AlignerCo review.

3. Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct is an invisible aligner brand founded in 2014. The company connects you with licensed dentist-approved invisible aligner treatment plans. Their partner company, Access Dental LLC, manufactures the Smile Direct invisible nighttime aligners.

Quick View: Smile Direct Club
Cost How Long Do You Wear Them For? Average Treatment Duration FDA Approval
$1,950 10 hours each night Ten months Yes, the aligners are FDA approved


Smile Direct offers a free assessment and scan at a Smile Shop in their nationwide locations. If you prefer, you can order a Smile Direct at-home impression kit for $59, which can be returned to their dental team to compile and approve a custom treatment plan based on your alignment requirements.

Once you are approved, you will receive a Smile Direct kit, including one of the customized aligner trays approved for 10 hours of continuous wear for complete alignment, a Bright On whitening set, and a lifetime Smile Direct guarantee. You can buy the kit with a one-time payment of $1,950 or a monthly payment of $89 for 24 months after a $250 down payment.

The lifetime guarantee offers a 30-day money-back promise and free aligner touch-ups during and after treatment.

Smile Direct accepts valid insurance benefits and FSA and HSA debit cards. However, their teeth straightening plan takes the longest time overall, so if you are looking for faster visible results, Byte may be the brand for you.

For more information about Smile Direct invisible nighttime aligner trays, look at our comprehensive Smile Direct Club review.

4. NewSmile

NewSmile is one of the newest clear aligner brands on the market and offers customized treatment plans compiled by the company’s network of dentists and orthodontists.

Quick View: NewSmile
Cost How Long Do You Wear Them For? Average Treatment Duration FDA Approval
$1,295 At least 10 hours each night 8-10 months Yes

NewSmile provides an at-home dental impression kit once you’ve made a payment. If you are not approved as a candidate after returning your dental impressions, NewSmile will provide a full refund.

If you are approved, you will receive a treatment preview and a customized NewSmile aligners kit, including free retainers and whitening foam. The kit also provides you with full access to the NewSmile treatment monitoring app to ensure your alignment stays on track.

NewSmile’s monthly payment plan requires a $295 deposit, after which you pay $92 interest-free every month for a year. Your insurance plan may cover part of the costs, and NewSmile also accepts FSA and HSA debit cards.

The company offers a return policy and satisfaction guarantee that ensures all non-customized products can be refunded within 14 business days after aligner approval.

NewSmile requires a minimum of eight months for complete alignment, compared to the fast-tracked Byte plan that only takes around six months.

Does Invisalign Do Nighttime Aligners?

Invisalign aligners are meant for both day and night time wear, accumulating a total of 22 hours each day. Their invisible aligner trays are meant for daytime wear and cannot only be used at night as this schedule may result in orthodontic relapse.

Thankfully, many other brands offer similar products, which we detail in this article if you happen to be looking for an Invisalign alternative.


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Although the American Dental Association and Association of Orthodontists do not approve mail-order or direct-to-consumer aligners, brands like Byte offer supervision and treatment creation by licensed dentists and orthodontists.

The clear aligners sold by these companies are more affordable and easier to access than regular aligners, helping you say goodbye to crooked teeth and experience the full benefits and confidence boost of a perfectly straight smile.


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