Invisalign Cost: What Is The Average Invisalign Price in the US?

Invisalign promises straight teeth in 12-18 months. Not only that – they promise straight teeth without anyone noticing that you’re wearing their aligners. While Invisalign clear aligners may be harder to see than traditional braces, this low-key luxury comes at a price. The materials used for these so-called “invisible aligners” are not cheap to manufacture. […]

Best Invisible Braces – 5 Clear Teeth Aligners to Save You Money

Invisalign might look amazing, but the steep price isn’t affordable for most of us. So, is there a cheaper version of Invisalign? Yes! There are dozens of cheap online teeth aligners companies like Byte and AlignerCo where you can straighten your teeth at home without expensive orthodontist visits. Here we review the 5 best invisible braces on […]

Invisalign Review and Results: Here’s What Paying for Invisalign Gets You

Straightening teeth since 1997, Invisalign is the #1 clear aligner brand in the world. However, popularity doesn’t make the treatment perfect – there are plenty of things that nobody told me when I first started. From misaligned bites to the infamous Invisalign “black triangles” between teeth, this company has its fair share of horror stories […]

What is the Best Teeth Whitener? The 12 Best Teeth Whitening Kits and Products

First Look Best Teeth Whitening Kit: Byte Snow-At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit $149 Best Luxury Teeth Whitening Experience: Snow Stay-At-Home Teeth Whitening System $299.99 Best Whitening Strips: Zimba Whitening Strips $44.99 Best Teeth Whitening Gel: Auraglow Teeth Whitening Gel $34.99 Best Teeth Whitening Pens: Dr Smiles Pop & Prime Whitening Pen $24.99 Best Whitening Strips on […]

Candid Teeth Aligners Review: How Does Candid Co Compare to Similar Services?

Candid is a company offering teeth straightening services performed in the comfort of your own home. Like most of its rivals, Candid uses molded clear aligners to gradually put pressure on your teeth and push them into a straighter position. Other popular services like this include names such as Byte, Invisalign, and Smile Direct Club.  […]

Smile Direct Club Review – Not As Good As It Seems

Smile Direct Club is an “at home braces” service which gives you multiple sets of clear aligners that straighten your teeth over time. It’s basically exactly the same as Invisalign, but it’s a lot cheaper because you order it online and don’t have all those pricey trips to the clinic. Smile Direct Club costs $1,895 […]

Best Invisalign Alternatives: Cheaper Options That Are Available Online and At Home

First Look Best Alternative to Invisalign: Byte ($1,895) ($1,895) Cheapest Invisalign Alternative: Aligner Co ($1,145) Best Smile Transformation: SmileLove ($1,895) Cheaper Invisalign For Teens: Candid Co ($2,400) Most Popular Clear Aligner System: Smile Direct Club ($1,950) Best-Looking Invisible Aligners: SnapCorrect ($1,749) Most Similar to Invisalign: ClearCorrect ($2,500 to $5,500) We’ve all been there – your dentist […]

Cheapest Teeth Aligners: The Most Affordable Clear Aligners in 2020

First Look Cheapest aligners on the market: Aligner Co ($1,145.00 single payment) “This well-rated company differentiates itself from other clear aligners companies by being the cheapest by several hundred dollars.” Best invisible braces at home: Byte ($1,895 single payment) “[Byte offers] invisible teeth straightening for well under $2,000.” Most thorough teeth straightening service: Candid ($2,400 […]

Byte Reviews: How Well Do Byte Teeth Aligners Work? (2020 Review)

What We Liked Very affordable No in-person doctor visits required System is easy to follow Treatment time takes as little as 3 months Payment plans available They have deals for 70% off the impression kit What We Didn’t Like Not suitable for extreme situations Many people won’t appreciate not having a doctor review their progress […]

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