Costco Dental Insurance Review

Costco Dental Insurance

Costco is known for its affordable prices and fantastic selections. But does this also apply to their dental insurance? 

Costco has partnered with Delta Dental to offer dental plans to Costco members. If you’re shopping for a dental health insurance plan, it’s important to review all the options. Let’s look at what these plans offer and whether they are worth the cost.


Quick Summary: Costco Dental Insurance Review – 3.5 Stars

Costco has partnered with Delta Dental Plans Association to offer HMO insurance plans and a dental discount plan option. These dental insurance plans are offered to Costco members in nine states and provide dental coverage for care provided by approved, in-network dentists.


Recommended For

  • Those who primarily need routine dental care.
  • Families who may max out other plans' annual payment limits at the dentist.
  • Costco members in the nine participating states.

Not Recommended For

  • Anyone looking for coverage for major dental work or orthodontics.
  • Those without an approved facility or dentist in their local area.
  • Non-Costco members.


Costco and Delta Dental Insurance

Costco insurance agency offers two types of dental insurance from Delta Dental Insurance to provide coverage for Costco members residing in the nine following states:


States Where Delta Dental Insurance Provides Coverage for Only Costco Members


  • Arizona.
  • California.
  • Florida.
  • Maryland.
  • Nevada.
  • Oregon.
  • Pennsylvania.
  • Texas.
  • Washington.

Delta Dental works with a network of dentists who work for reduced fees to provide their customers with the lowest possible out-of-pocket costs [1]. In other words, they are an HMO insurance provider, so you will not be able to seek dental care from the dentist of your choice.

Before purchasing a dental plan from Costco, it is essential to review their network provider list to ensure that you have access to one of Delta’s chosen dentists. If you live in a rural area, this may mean that seeking dental care requires extensive travel.


What Does Costco Dental Insurance Cover?


Services covered by Costco dental insurance


Costco insurance covers a wide array of dental and oral health services, including basic, preventative, and major treatments. Some plans offer orthodontic coverage for both children and adults and professional teeth whitening treatments, along with routine dental x-rays.

Thousands of dentists and 745 primary care dental facilities accept payment from DeltaCare USA. There is no annual maximum payout or annual deductible, regardless of your course of treatment. Some emergency and out-of-state coverage are offered, but it is mainly limited to using a care provider authorized by the DeltaCare USA program. 

Suppose you seek treatment from a dentist outside of the insurance coverage area or who is not on the approved list of dentists. In that case, your coverage will be limited to a maximum of $100 per emergency, and copayments may apply.


Costco Dental Insurance Waiting Period

Costco and DeltaCare Dental Insurance claim there are no waiting periods, and you will receive access to care benefits on the same day you sign up for a plan.


Costco Dental Insurance Cost

Prices for the Costco DeltaCare USA Dental Plan HMO Program vary by state and the number of people you require insurance for. You can find the price for your specific location by entering your zip code on the insurance website.

To give you an idea of dental plan pricing, the following are prices currently offered in California. Costco executive members will pay $242.00 annually for a family of four, while non-executive members pay an annual rate of $258. Both will pay a $10 one-time enrollment fee upon plan sign-up.

A single person can expect to pay $99.00 and $106.00 per year for executive and non-executive members, respectively.


Copay Summary

Here is a summary of the copay or out-of-pocket expenses you can expect for a dentist visit.


Services Cost
Routine office visits $10
Exams $0
Cleanings (one every six months) $20
X-rays $0 - $12
Fillings $32
Tooth extraction $42
Root canals $425
Gum cleanings (limited to every six months) $60
Gum treatments $650
Denture repairs $55
Complete dentures $495
Dental implants Not covered
Crowns $495
Teeth whitening $125
Orthodontics Adult: $2,700 & Child: $2,500


How Can You Get Costco Dental Insurance?

The application process for dental insurance from Costco is as simple as visiting their website and filling out some online forms. You will first need to enter your zip code to view coverage options in your area and enter the number of people you seek coverage for. There is some general information provided on how to choose a dental insurance plan to help you find the best option.

Forms you will fill out on your application include your personal information, Costco membership number, dependents, facilities, and payment information. You will then review your information and receive a receipt.


Is Costco Dental Insurance Worth it?

Whether a Costco dental plan is worth the cost depends on what you need and the value offered by your plan of choice. If you are looking for a plan to cover routine dental care to maintain your oral health, the plan’s cost and the copay fees are significantly lower than the cost you would pay for these dental services without insurance. This insurance has no dental insurance reimbursement, as Delta Dental pays the dentist directly.

If you are looking for help paying for your child’s orthodontic needs or getting a major dental procedure started, then it may not meet your needs. The copay premiums are high for major treatment or orthodontics.

Overall, the premiums for this insurance are low when compared to dental insurance plans from other companies, and the benefits are reasonable, providing good value for money. While most insurance plans have annual maximum payouts, this one doesn’t. There are no deductibles, which is a huge plus when you compare to most other USA dental plans [2].

Because Delta Care Dental is an HMO insurance provider, it is worth considering if your current dentist is in the plan’s network. If not, you will have to find a licensed dentist that may not be located in your area.

There are also limitations on who this insurance is made available to. As stated earlier, there are only nine available states in which Costco offers dental insurance, and it is only available to Costco members. If you are already a Costco member, this doesn’t add additional costs to your plan. If you are not, you will need to purchase a membership in addition to the insurance.


Does Costco Dental Plan Cover Implants?

No, dental implants are not covered by DeltaCare USA plan benefits. You will have to pay implant expenses out of pocket, even with insurance.



Below are answers to some common questions asked about Costco Insurance. 


What Is Costco Health Insurance?

Can I Cancel DeltaCare USA?

Is DeltaCare USA the Same as Delta Dental?



Costco offers dental insurance from Delta Dental to Costco members in nine states. The premiums for their plans are relatively low, and they provide good benefits, but they’re not suitable for everyone. Delta Insurance Company is an HMO provider, which comes with some drawbacks.

Costco dental plan payouts are dependent on receiving care from a pre-approved list of dental providers. Copay amounts also depend on the type of services received and are quite high for major dental work and orthodontics. However, there are some advantages to buying dental insurance from Costco, such as the lack of maximum payouts and deductibles that make it worth considering extra dental insurance.



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