ClearCorrect Teeth Aligners Review: Everything You Need To Know

2022 ClearCorrect Review: Do They Really Work?

Traditional metal braces are effective at correcting misalignments and malocclusions, but they aren’t the most comfortable option.

ClearCorrect aligners offer a near-invisible alternative, but are they as effective as braces and how do they compare to competitors like Invisalign? Find out in our ClearCorrect review as we take a closer look at the company and what users are saying.

Traditional metal braces are effective at correcting misalignments and malocclusions, but they aren’t the most comfortable option.

ClearCorrect aligners offer a near-invisible alternative, but are they as effective as braces and how do they compare to competitors like Invisalign? Find out in our ClearCorrect review as we take a closer look at the company and what users are saying.

Find out how Clear Correct fared against other popular aligners in our review of the best invisible braces.

1. ClearCorrect Company Review 2022: Our Rating

Key Rating
Effectiveness 4 stars
FDA Approved 5 Stars
Value for Price 4 stars
Customer Satisfaction 4 stars


  • Invisible
  • Professional monitoring
  • Six treatment options available
  • Shorter treatment time than traditional braces


  • Requires monthly dentist appointments
  • Pricier than other clear aligners


How Does ClearCorrect Work?

Like other teeth aligners, ClearCorrect works by applying pressure to the teeth, gradually moving them to the proper position [1].

There are several steps involved in a ClearCorrect treatment program, and it’s crucial to follow all of them to correct your dental issues. Here’s everything you need to do for ClearCorrect to work:


Consult a Dentist or Orthodontist

ClearCorrect aligners are only available through a dentist or orthodontist.

The dentist will examine you to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for clear aligners. If your dental issues are too complex for clear aligners, they’ll suggest traditional orthodontics such as fixed braces [2].

During your consultation, your dentist will also check whether you have any dental health issues, such as gum disease or cavities. These issues will have to be addressed before using clear aligners.

Your dentist will also determine how long your treatment should take. This is when you’ll decide which of ClearCorrect’s treatment options is ideal for you.

There are six treatment options when using ClearCorrect: 

  • Flex: Here you’ll pay for one set of aligners at a time 
  • Mini: Comes with 12 sets of aligners at one fixed price
  • One: Includes 24 sets of aligners, one revision, and one set of retainers
  • Two: Includes 24 sets, 2 revisions, and two retainer sets 
  • Three: Includes 72 sets with 3 revisions and three sets of retainers
  • Unlimited plan: Gives you access to as many aligners, retainers, and revisions as you’ll need for treatment within five years


Customizing Your Aligners

Once your dentist approves you for clear aligners, they’ll take an impression of your teeth. An impression captures the shape, size, and positioning of your teeth. The doctor then sends the impressions to ClearCorrect’s lab in Texas, where technicians create custom aligners. 


Receive and Wear Your Aligners

The custom aligners are sent to your dentist, where you can pick them up and wear them to begin your treatment process. ClearCorrect’s dental technicians may recommend teeth engagers depending on your condition.

Engagers, also known as attachments, are small handles placed on the teeth to aid movement. The technician will recommend the number of engagers to use and on which teeth to place them, but it will be up to your dentist to prescribe them or not. Engagers are usually recommended in cases where it might be difficult to achieve straight teeth with just the aligners.

You’ll receive several trays of aligners, according to your treatment plan. You should wear each tray for at least 22 hours a day for three weeks before moving to the next. It’s important to change your trays accordingly since they’re designed for the projected movement of your teeth once your treatment starts.


Schedule Appointments With Your Orthodontist

ClearCorrect aligners are in-office, which means you’ll need to see your dentist throughout your treatment.

Your appointments are monthly, during which your doctor will monitor your progress and make any adjustments to your plan if necessary. Sticking to your appointments is crucial since some dental issues can worsen while using aligners, especially if they’re not the right fit.


Review End Results

At the end of your treatment, your doctor will review your teeth to see whether the planned results have been achieved. If your teeth have not been fully straightened, you’ll need to order new aligners and continue the treatment.


Use a Retainer

Once you have achieved your desired results, you will need to wear a retainer.

Retainers are dental devices that keep the teeth in position, ensuring they don’t return to their old misalignment [3]. How long you wear your retainer will depend on how long it takes your teeth to settle solidly after your clear aligner treatment is done.


ClearCorrect Reviews: What Are People Saying?

ClearCorrect aligners were first introduced in 2006, and since then, thousands of people have used them. There are mixed reviews from customers, with some noting good progress while others are unsatisfied.



ClearCorrect reviews on BBB aren’t the most positive, and the company has an average star rating of 1.25. Additionally, the company has closed four complaints in the last three years. Here’s what some of the reviewers had to say:


ClearCorrect Reviews on Reddit

Many customers have given positive ClearCorrect reviews on Reddit:

DizzyLavishness continued with:

Another Redditor had the following to say:


ClearCorrect Before and After



ClearCorrect Aligners Price

Depending on which aligner treatment plan you choose, ClearCorrect can cost you between $1,500-$8000. The total amount you spend on the aligners also varies depending on how many dentist appointments you will have throughout your treatment.


Does Insurance Cover ClearCorrect?

Whether or not your ClearCorrect treatment will be covered by insurance depends on your case and your insurer.

Some insurers may decline to cover the cost if they deem aligners cosmetic. Others, like Medicaid in certain states, consider it a part of comprehensive dental care, which they cover.

Therefore, it’s important to check with your insurer to find out whether they’ll pay for your treatment. It will likely be a fraction of the entire cost if they do.


ClearCorrect Discounts

There are no discounts displayed on the ClearCorrect website, but they offer a financing option that allows paying in installments. The financing option is available through providers; therefore, look for a ClearCorrect provider who has signed up for the financing option if you’re looking for an affordable payment plan.


ClearCorrect Refund Policy

ClearCorrect gives a full refund for unused merchandise returned within 30 days of purchase. If the merchandise was opened or used, they still offer a full refund if it can be resold and if you return it in its original package. ClearCorrect also provides full refunds for defective or damaged dental products.


ClearCorrect Pros and Cons


Here are the advantages and disadvantages of ClearCorrect aligners:



What We Like

  • Invisible: ClearCorrect aligners are transparent, making them comfortable for adults and teenagers who want to avoid the look of traditional metal braces.
  • Shorter treatment duration: ClearCorrect aligners take a shorter time to treat misalignments than traditional braces [4]. This significantly reduces the risk of gingival inflammation, root resorption, and white spots that occur with the long-term use of orthodontic appliances.
  • Professional monitoring: The ClearCorrect treatment plan involves dentist appointments, ensuring that the process is safe and effective.
  • A variety of treatment options: ClearCorrect provides various treatment options, making it easy to choose one suitable for your condition and budget.
  • Suitable for various issues: ClearCorrect can fix malocclusions, crooked teeth, and spacing.


What We Don't Like

  • More costly than others: ClearCorrect aligners are more costly when compared to at-home aligners.
  • Monthly appointments: Many patients find it inconvenient having to see their dentist every month for the duration of their treatment. These appointments take time and increase the cost of the treatment plan.
  • May need engagers: Some patients may need to wear their ClearCorrect aligners with engagers to help maintain the required tightness.



Byte aligners promise a transformed smile with consistent use of 22 hours a day for three months. With a price starting at $1,895, the brand also offers flexible payment plans and a financing option without a credit check.

In addition to the day-time aligner, Byte also offers a night option, which you’ll need to wear for five months 10+ hours each night.

To begin, you’ll receive a kit which you will use to make an impression of your teeth. The impression is sent back to the company and your aligners will be underway. 

You will receive aftercare retainers and teeth whiteners along with the aligners. The treatment is an uncomplicated process involving remote monitoring with a licensed dentist or orthodontist. 

Byte aligners are an excellent alternative to ClearCorrect if you’d like to avoid monthly appointments with a dentist.

Read more in our Byte aligners review.

Byte offers at-home clear aligners that can correct misalignments in as little as 6 months




SnapCorrect is another brand of at-home clear aligners that promise results in as little as three months with prices starting at $1,749, making them an affordable option.

Similar to Byte aligners, you will make an impression of your teeth using a kit, and then send the mold back to the company. 

Dental technicians will check your impression and decide whether you’re a good candidate for the aligners. If you’re not a good candidate, SnapCorrect promises to refund what you spent on the impression kit. If you’re approved, you will receive your aligners, a free retainer, and whitening products.

SnapCorrect offers high-quality FDA-approved clear aligners, created by dentists and lab technicians.




If you’re interested in a cheaper alternative to ClearCorrect aligners, we recommend AlignerCo. AlignerCo aligners start at $1,145 with flexible payment options that allow you to pay in monthly installments.

The brand promises results after a treatment time of four to six months. A dentist or orthodontist will monitor your progress remotely.

AlignerCo offers nighttime clear aligners, called NightOnly. NightOnly has the same benefits as regular aligners, but are worn for only 8-10 hours daily for six to eight months.

Read more in our AlignerCo review.

Although at-home aligners are affordable, effective, and convenient, it’s important to note that the ADA and AAO do not recommend mail-in aligners due to lack of support.


AlignerCo offers affordable, FDA-approved clear aligners, with options for day- and nighttime use.




Here are answers to commonly asked questions about ClearCorrect.


Does ClearCorrect Really Work?

Is ClearCorrect Painful?

What Is ClearCorrect Cost?

Are There ClearCorrect Side Effects?

How Long Does ClearCorrect Take to Work?

What Is Cheaper ClearCorrect vs Invisalign?



ClearCorrect clear aligners provide an affordable, and invisible solution to traditional metal braces. The company do have mixed reviews online, with many noting long waiting periods before receiving their aligners. 

With that said, the aligners work effectively at correcting a range of misalignments and you get monthly check-ups by your dentist or orthodontist to ensure your smile is moving in the right direction.



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