Cheapest Teeth Aligners - Safe and Economical Aligners 2022

The Cheapest Teeth Aligners: How Do These 7 Brands Stack Up?

Crooked teeth can be a confidence drainer in professional and social settings alike. For many years, straightening teeth was both a costly and time-consuming venture. Fortunately, today’s  invisible aligners provide a cheaper alternative.

This article looks at the cheapest teeth aligners available and what each has to offer.


Our Top Picks: The Cheapest Teeth Aligners of 2022

Check out our favorite cheap teeth aligners and our overall rating at a glance:

1. Byte- Best Clear Aligner Overall

Byte Aligners are among the fastest clear braces on the market with treatment times as low as just three months. The brand is FDA-approved and has one of the best virtual treatment portals. They are best if you have a mild to moderate case and would rather avoid expensive in-office treatments.

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2. 2Usmiles- Best Bang for Buck

2Usmiles offers a line of daytime aligners and nighttime aligners. Their braces are very clear and commendably comfortable. They are FDA approved and have the setup to conduct treatment fully remotely.

Their lifetime guarantee ensures you won’t have to spend your money to fix anything you fixed in the first treatment. For any old recurring issues, 2Usmiles will enroll you into a new treatment plan for free.

3. AlignerCo - Best Virtual Set Up

AlignerCo is a versatile, near-invisible brace, that saves you money without skimping on quality and safety. They are on average $1000 cheaper than in-office teeth straightening alternatives. Like most at-home aligners, talk to an orthodontist if you have a severe case.

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Review Section: What Are the Cheapest Teeth Aligners?

Read on to hear our thoughts as we take a deep dive into what each of these teeth aligner brands has to offer.

1. Byte –Best Overall

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Feature Description Star Rating
Price All-day aligners: $1,895 or $82 per month
Nighttime aligners: $2,295 or $99 per month
Average Treatment Time All-day aligners: 3–4 months
Nighttime aligners: 5–6 months
Convenience Everything is done from home, including monthly virtual visits
Appearance Clear aligners are nearly invisible to the eye 4.5
Support Over 200 licensed doctors, dentists, and orthodontists are available seven days a week 4.5
Whitening Tools One month of BrightByte free teeth whitening included

Byte aligners stand up to the competition by offering straighter teeth in the least possible amount of time. With this clear aligner brand, it’s possible to have the new smile you want in as little as three months.

Through an impression kit mailed directly to your door, you can forgo in-person visits and make your teeth impressions from the comfort of your own home. Visits with a licensed dentist or orthodontist are all done virtually as well.

To achieve straight teeth in just three months, you’ll need to wear your invisible braces for 22 hours per day. This allows two hours to take them out for eating and brushing your teeth to keep food and drink residue clear that could cause damage or staining. If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, Byte also has night aligners worn just 10 hours while sleeping.

These two products to straighten your teeth do come with two different price tags. Should you choose the all-day option, these affordable teeth aligners will set you back a one-time fee of $1,895, or $82 per month for 32 months with a $249 down payment. Nighttime aligners run $2,295, or $99 per month for 32 months with a $299 down payment.

Perhaps best of all is Byte’s smile guarantee. Even years down the road, if you’re not completely satisfied with your results, you can contact Byte and they will provide new impression kits and aligner treatment plans at no cost to you.

Byte doesn’t have any physical locations to visit at the moment for questions or issues. Fortunately, the clear aligner company partners with over 200 doctors to ensure you’re getting the care you need.

Like most clear aligner companies, Byte has embraced materials that make their product safe and virtually unseen. Their invisible aligners are made with BPA-free, highly transparent, medical-grade polymer film. While smooth and flexible, they are durable enough to promote tooth movement while keeping your mouth as comfortable as possible.

After you’ve nailed your straighter smile, Byte also includes a month of their free BrightByte whitening service. This will help clear up any stains you’ve accumulated and cap off your teeth straightening with a pearly hue.

Want to hear even more about what Byte has to offer? Check out our Byte Aligners Review.

Bottom Line:

Byte takes the cake as our best overall provider of aligners on the market thanks to their affordable price, rapid treatment time, and strong support team.


  • Works in as little as 3–4 months.
  • Options for day or night wear.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • No office visits required.
  • Support is always available.


  • Not too many physical locations.

2. 2Usmiles –Best Value for Money

Feature Description Star Rating
Price All their aligners cost between $1300 and $1500 4.5
Average Treatment Time All-day aligners: 12–14 months
The nighttime clear aligners: 4–8 months
Convenience All products from the impression kit to the Aligner are mailed to you
Appearance The aligners are quite clear and aren’t easy to detect even at close range 4.2
Support Active and knowledgeable support with a very responsive live chat 4.3
Life-Time Guarantee 2Usmiles offers a lifetime guarantee and will provide aligners for free if your teeth should revert. 4.2

2Usmiles is one of the cheapest aligners in the market. Their products are soft to the touch, clear to the sight, and light on your pockets.

As is the norm with clear aligners, 2Usmiles offers both nighttime and all-day aligners. Their nighttime variants are made to be extra comfortable so as not to interfere with your sleep. In a few days, they should feel perfectly natural. If ever the discomfort proves too much, talk to the sales representatives.

The one thing that sets the company apart is its lifetime guarantee; after treatment. Should you ever lose the gains got from using 2Usmiles, they will give enroll you into a new treatment plan for free. Also, you get a full refund on your impression kit if you’re not a fit.

Bottom Line:

2Usmiles may not be as old as most of its competitors, but they have carved out a name for themselves in the niche. Their aligners are super-cheap, covered by a significant number of insurers, and can be bought under a monthly plan.


  • Lifetime guarantee if teeth misalign after treatment
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Comfortable materials on their aligners
  • Refund on impression kit if you're not a fit for their aligners


  • Support may be hard to reach at times

3. AlignerCo –Best Virtual Setup

Feature Description Star Rating
Price Day or night aligners cost $1,145, $81 for 12 months, or $95 for 11 months
Average Treatment Time All-day aligners: 4–6 months
Night only clear aligners: 6–10 months
Convenience Everything is done from home, including impression kit and virtual checkups
Appearance The company claims to have the most invisible clear aligner
Support Limited phone hours, 24/7 email, or live chat
Whitening Tools Tooth whitening is included with aligner purchase

AlignerCo is an entirely from-home teeth straightening service that addresses mild to moderate misalignment. You’ll start off by making a dental impression with an included kit, and AlignerCo will prepare your teeth aligners for you. Being a small company, it can take a few months to receive your product.

On the plus side, AlignerCo does offer the cheapest invisible aligners for purchase today. Whether you prefer all-day aligners or ones worn only at night, aligners cost a one-time fee of $1,145. The aligner brand also has two financing options at $81 or $95 per month with a $275 down payment.

All-day clear aligners must be worn for 22 hours each day to straighten crooked teeth. AlignerCo claims its aligners are the clearest in the industry, making wearing them that much more tolerable. Users, on average, find themselves wearing these aligners for somewhere between four and six months.

For those that can’t wear clear aligners during the day, AlignerCo’s nighttime aligners only require 10 hours of wear in the evenings and while sleeping. Less time with the aligners in your mouth does translate to an extended treatment plan, taking up to 10 months to complete.

In addition to being the cheapest braces, AlignerCo makes it simple to oversee your entire treatment plan without ever leaving the home. You’re assigned a Smile Crew Member as you begin treatment who will be your point of contact should you have any issues along the way.

Getting in touch can be a bit of a challenge at times. AlignerCo limits phone communication from 9 am to 6 pm Eastern Standard Time. Both live chat and emails are monitored at all hours of the day.

At present, AlignerCo includes a teeth whitening kit with an aligner purchase to move your smile to the next level.

Looking for even more information on AlignerCo? These AlignerCo reviews offer even more insight into the service.

Bottom Line:

AlignerCo offers the cheapest clear aligners with crystal clear materials to keep you smiling throughout your treatment. These cheap teeth straighteners don’t require in-person visits but can take longer to get the help you need.


  • Cheapest aligners on the market.
  • All care can be done from home.
  • Day or night aligner options.
  • Relatively quick treatment plan.


  • No physical locations.
  • Smaller company, can be slower to respond or ship products out.

4. ClearCorrect –Best for More Severe Cases

Feature Description Star Rating
Price From $2,000 to $8,000
Average Treatment Time 12–24 months
Convenience Requires a dentist’s prescription to start the process and regular visits throughout 4.5
Appearance Their clear aligners are nearly invisible 4.5
Support All through the doctor’s office

ClearCorrect aligners enter the picture as a lower-cost product that follows the Invisalign model. Everything starts and ends at your dentist or orthodontist’s office, who will review your teeth for possible treatment. Once your doctor prescribes ClearCorrect, they will be your point of contact throughout.

Some have argued that ClearCorrect’s website isn’t easily navigable, fortunately, since you work directly with your dentist, you won’t have to spend much time there.

Plans start at $2,000 but can reach the $8,000 range. While ClearCorrect can eclipse Invisalign in price when it comes to severe cases, it’s often cheaper for mild cases. There’s also an unlimited plan available that covers the cost of all aligners and retainers needed during a five-year window.

Treatment time for ClearCorrect aligners can last from one to two years, depending on severity. This is substantially longer than alternatives like Byte Aligners, offering straighter teeth in just a few months.

ClearCorrect allows for custom treatment plans that can accommodate issues of varying severity. This is a huge benefit to at-home products that can only address mild to moderate cases.

Bottom Line:

ClearConnect is a cheaper alternative to Invisalign that allows an orthodontic to monitor your progress, unlike most other clear braces. Consequently, it can handle more severe dental issues.


  • Cheaper alternative to Invisalign.
  • You choose your provider.
  • Custom treatment plan based on the severity of your teeth.
  • Unlimited plan that may cover all you need to fix your teeth.


  • Website may be hard to navigate.

5. Invisalign –Most Intensive In-Office Attention

Feature Description Star Rating
Price From $3,000 to $8,000
Average Treatment Time 12–18 months
Convenience Aligners are easy to remove but require several visits to the dentist’s office for checkups
Appearance Clear aligners are nearly invisible but sometimes require tooth-colored tabs
Support Your dentist or orthodontist will be your point of contact

Invisalign aligners are one of the best-known teeth straightening plans available today. Their products hit the market as a way to straighten teeth without the need to invest in traditional braces and metal wires.

Unlike other clear aligner companies, all of Invisalign’s treatment plan is performed in-office under the careful supervision of the dentist or orthodontist you are comfortable seeing. Because of this, Invisalign clear aligners do require regular visits to ensure everything is progressing smoothly.

These visits make Invisalign one of the more expensive options, at anywhere between $3,000 and $8,000 for the duration. Insurance companies with orthodontic benefits may be able to help you save money and take away some of that sting.

Invisalign’s clear aligner treatment is also one of the longest, averaging somewhere between 12 and 18 months from start to finish. If the price or duration scare you, consider Invisalign Alternatives like Byte for faster and more affordable aligners.

The technology that goes into Invisalign clear aligners has been evolving since first introduced in 1997. They fit comfortably over teeth and offer a firm hold while still easy to remove as needed. Your dentist may sometimes recommend tooth-colored pegs that help hold the clear aligners in place. These pegs can give teeth a blocky look even from a distance.

Bottom Line:

Invisalign offers one of the best invisible braces that relies on regular dental visits. While not the fastest or one of the most affordable teeth aligners, Invisalign products can address more severe issues that other clear aligners companies simply cannot.



  • All care is handled in-office by your dental health professional.
  • Corrects more severe misalignments than in-home products.
  • Can be cheaper than traditional metal braces.
  • Covered by several companies that offer insurance orthodontic treatment.


  • More costly than at-home methods.
  • Takes longer than other invisible aligners to finish treatment.

6. Candid –Best for Clearest Aligners

Feature Description Star Rating
Price $1,895 or as low as $65 per month for 36 months 4.5
Average Treatment Time 6 months
Convenience Can visit a Candid Studio or use an impression kit from home, virtual checkups via an app 4.5
Appearance Clear aligners are nearly invisible 4.5
Support Care is handled by an orthodontist through an app, limited phone hours, chat is actively monitored
Whitening Tools Separate program, not included with aligners

Candid aligners are a budget-friendly alternative to traditional braces that deliver teeth straightening in a fraction of the time. While traditional metal braces can take years, Candid’s products get the job done in an average of six months.

You can begin treatment either by requesting an impression kit and sending in your results or by visiting a Candid Studio. At this time, these studios are only located in a dozen states. Impression kits typically cost just under $100, but a scan from a studio is completely free.

Once you’re ready to start your journey, Candid’s affordable clear aligners will only set you back $1,895 if you pay upfront. The company also gives an option to pay in installments from $65 a month for 36 months with a $199 down payment.

Candid only uses orthodontists when designing or monitoring your teeth straightening process. Through the proprietary CandidApp, you’ll provide frequent updates to an orthodontist on the other end.

In addition to a connection with an orthodontist through the app, Candid has customer service hours daily from 9 am to 7 pm EST. The website does have a chatbot to help answer questions should the need arise.

Similar to other companies, Candid clear aligners use BPA-free transparent materials that are safe to wear and nearly invisible while in the mouth. Since you’ll be wearing these aligners for 22 hours a day, you’ll want to remain as inconspicuous as possible.

There’s no whitening kit included with Candid’s invisible braces, but the company does offer a Zoom whitening kit for $599. The kit utilizes custom trays made from an impression kit that a whitening gel is placed into. Leaving the trays in your mouth for 30 to 90 minutes per day can result in whiter teeth in as little as three days.

Bottom Line:

Candid embraces technology through a comprehensive monitoring app and Candid Studios in select states. They offer low payment options to make their aligners accessible to a broader range of people.


  • Uses only orthodontists to develop treatment plans.
  • Option to visit a Candid Studio for the initial scan.
  • CandidApp for remote tooth monitoring.
  • Flexible financing options.


  • Limited Candid Studio locations.
  • Financing requires a credit check.

7. SnapCorrect –Easiest to Use Aligner

Feature Description Star Rating
Price $1,749, or $80.84 per month for 24 months at 10% APR 4.5
Average Treatment Time 3–18 months
Convenience Entire treatment is handled remotely
Appearance Clear aligners are nearly invisible 4.5
Support Limited contact options

SnapCorrect ranks in as the second cheapest aligner company on our list with a $1,749 price tag. They do offer an $80 per month payment plan, but this comes with interest and costs more in the long run.

This is all well and good, but SnapCorrect is a completely from-home product that sometimes uses dental technicians instead of licensed doctors to prepare a plan for you. This speaks to keeping that cost down but questions the quality of care.

It’s unclear what kind of monitoring (if any) takes place during treatment. With SnapCorrect, an aligner plan can take anywhere from three to 18 months, a considerable range considering the product isn’t geared to handle severe cases.

In any case, you can complete the entire process from your living room. SnapCorrect has no physical locations to speak of, which can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you want your care to be. Furthermore, once you’ve completed your treatment, SnapCorrect gives you your first retainer on the house.

Bottom Line:

SnapCorrect is one of the least expensive clear aligners out there. However, it misses the boat with support and sometimes brings in dental technicians instead of licensed professionals.


  • First retainer free.
  • One of the lowest cost programs.
  • No office visits required.


  • No retail locations.


How Do Aligners Work To Straighten Teeth?

Clear aligners work to straighten teeth through a relatively painless treatment plan:

  1. First, a three-dimensional model of your teeth is created through an impression kit or an in-office teeth scan.
  2. You are then sent aligner trays to wear over a series of months. You’ll wear each tray for roughly two weeks [1].
  3. The invisible aligners force tiny movements to shift crooked teeth to the correct position.
  4. The clear aligners need to be left in for 22 hours a day to straighten your teeth effectively. You can get away with wearing night aligners for just 10 hours per night, but the entire teeth straightening process takes more time.


What Is the Cheapest Way To Align Your Teeth?

The cheapest and most convenient way to align your teeth is through at-home teeth aligners (teledentistry). Minimal in-office attention translates to a lower cost [2]. Clear teeth aligners generally range from $1,200 to $2,000. It’s even possible for dental insurance to cover a portion of the price.

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Which Home Aligner Is Best for Me?

Byte aligners are easily the best option if you are after a safe and remote treatment that won’t dent your savings. If you have a severe case, no at-home aligner is safe. The greater the distance a tooth moves, the more attention it needs, so you should talk to an orthodontist in such a case. For mild conditions, consider Byte or 2Usmile aligners.


How To Choose a Cheap Aligner

When choosing cheap teeth aligners, consider the following criteria:

  • Price.
  • Treatment duration.
  • How long you have to wear the aligners each day.
  • Convenience.
  • Appearance.
  • Customer support.



See below for a list of the most popular questions about low-priced aligners.

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There are several companies offering cheap invisible aligners to straighten teeth, but Byte, 2Usmiles, and AlignerCo are our top picks. At-home aligners aren’t designed to tackle complicated teeth issues, they are made to fix mild cases without expensive in-office visits that can be avoided. In this regard, these three companies offer cheap Invisalign alternatives without compromising on quality and safety.

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  1. Tamer, İ., Öztaş, E., & Marşan, G. (2019). Orthodontic Treatment with Clear Aligners and The Scientific Reality Behind Their Marketing: A Literature Review. Turkish journal of orthodontics, 32(4), 241–246.
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