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Best Invisible Braces – 5 Clear Teeth Aligners to Save You Money

Invisalign might look amazing, but the steep price isn’t affordable for most of us. So, is there a cheaper version of Invisalign? Yes! There are dozens of cheap online teeth aligners companies like Byte and AlignerCo where you can straighten your teeth at home without expensive orthodontist visits. Here we review the 5 best invisible braces on […]

Byte Reviews: How Well Do Byte Teeth Aligners Work?

What We Liked Very affordable No in-person doctor visits required System is easy to follow Treatment time takes as little as 3 months Payment plans available They have deals for 70% off the impression kit What We Didn’t Like Not suitable for extreme situations Many people won’t appreciate not having a doctor review their progress […]

Crossbite Correction: Causes, Treatments and Best Clear Aligners

Dealing with low self-esteem or pain due to a crossbite can take a toll on your health—mentally and physically. Thankfully, there are many treatment options available for adults and children with crossbites to help you achieve perfectly straight teeth and a healthy bite. This article examines the causes of crossbites and the most popular orthodontic […]

Is Wearing Headgear Braces In 2021 Worth It?

Orthodontists often use headgear braces to help patients correct different types of dental misalignment and malocclusions. They can help you realign your jaw, straighten your teeth and give you a new radiant smile. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look into headgear orthodontics, explore their parts and types, and teach you how to care […]

Fake Braces: DIY Braces How To, Risks, and Alternatives

Wanting straight teeth and a perfect smile often seems an innate desire in all people and cultures. However, quality treatment can sometimes be hard to come by, and real braces installed by orthodontists can cost a lot of money.  This has spurred some people to make fake, or DIY, braces either to become a geek […]

What Are Lingual Braces? 2021 Guide to Incognito Braces

Lingual, or incognito, braces are gaining popularity among adults with crooked teeth who do not want to be reminded of their teenage train tracks! They are fitted on the back of the teeth making them virtually invisible, advantageous to those with visible lifestyles.  Here we bring you useful information and a pros and cons list […]

Retainers After Braces: How Important Is It?

The day has finally come and you’ve gotten your braces off. There’s barely been a moment to enjoy a metal-free mouth and here comes the orthodontist with another torture device. However, retainers are a critical part of the teeth-straightening process. Without them, all the changes the braces made can quickly come undone. Read on to […]

How To Floss With Braces

Imagine someone offered to make keeping your teeth clean much, much easier for the rest of your life. In exchange, however, all the pain and discomfort you’d have experienced in that time gets packed into a period just two years long. That’s basically the deal you’re making with braces. Braces aren’t just uncomfortable; they actually […]

Orthodontic Treatment Through Self Ligating Braces

Once you have decided on using braces for orthodontic treatment, the next step is to choose the best type. While the use of self-ligating brackets in oral braces is not a new concept, they have become increasingly popular over the past few years.  For those who do not favor the looks of traditional braces, self-ligating […]

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