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2022 AlignerCo Reviews: Economical Choice or Plain Cheap? Find Out

Teeth straightening used to be a painful or even embarrassing process. Now, clear aligner treatment allows you to improve your smile discreetly and more comfortably. AlignerCo claims to have the clearest of any in the clear aligner industry, as well as offering one of the least expensive aligners. But is it really economical, or just […]

Does Byte Work? In-Depth Byte Aligners Reviews

Are at-home aligners really effective when it comes to straightening teeth, or are they just another scam? At first, it sounds too good to be true: an orthodontic treatment that can straighten teeth without the same pain, time, and expense of traditional braces. However, many people are finding success with Byte aligners, a cost-effective alternative […]

The Cheapest Teeth Aligners: How Do These 7 Brands Stack Up?

Crooked teeth can be a confidence drainer in professional and social settings alike. For many years, straightening teeth was both a costly and time-consuming venture. Fortunately, today’s  invisible aligners provide a cheaper alternative. This article looks at the cheapest teeth aligners available and what each has to offer.   Our Top Picks: The Cheapest Teeth […]

Tooth Straightening Made Easy: The 5 Best Invisalign Alternatives

There’s no hiding from the fact that Invisalign treatment is a costly option. Invisalign costs $3,500 at the cheapest and only goes up from there depending on the severity of the case. Fortunately, many Invisalign alternatives can get you straighter teeth for a fraction of the cost. Read on to hear about the best alternatives […]

How Much Does Invisalign Cost? Payment Options, Discounts, and Insurance

Invisalign has been around for over 20 years, making them the oldest invisible aligners on the market. In the years since Invisalign made its debut, it’s challenged metal braces and, more recently, a wide field of clear aligner competitors. How does the cost add up and is Invisalign really worth it? How Much Does Invisalign […]

Underbite Braces: Treatment Options for Underbite Correction

It’s been bothering you for your whole life. While others around you have well-aligned jaws and teeth, you’ve been dealing with an underbite, also known as a Class III malocclusion. In these types of malocclusion, the lower teeth stick out in front of your upper teeth. You don’t want to continue looking and feeling like […]

Crossbite Correction: Anterior vs. Posterior, Treatments, Causes

Dealing with low self-esteem or pain due to a crossbite can take a toll on your health—mentally and physically. Thankfully, there are many treatment options available for adults and children with crossbites to help you achieve perfectly straight teeth and a healthy bite. This article examines the causes of crossbites and the most popular orthodontic […]

Accelerated Orthodontics: Can You Get Your Braces Off Faster?

Just about everyone desires straight teeth, for health, self-confidence, and many other reasons. However, most people aren’t sure it’s worth the pain, discomfort, and risk of traditional orthodontics. Accelerated orthodontics treatment is faster, discomfort doesn’t last as long, and the risk is reduced. What Are Accelerated Orthodontics? Accelerated orthodontics demonstrates a range of techniques to […]

Is Wearing Headgear Braces In 2022 Worth It?

Orthodontists often use headgear braces to help patients correct different types of dental misalignment and malocclusions. They can help you realign your jaw, straighten your teeth and give you a new radiant smile. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look into headgear orthodontics, explore their parts and types, and teach you how to care […]

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