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Is Bluechew Legit? Does Bluechew Work? My Bluechew Review

I’ve been using the Sildenafil Bluechew pills for a few months now, and let me tell you that I feel amazing! The Sildenafil 30mg Bluechews are the ones that essentially act like Viagra, though you can get those Tadalafil Cialis-esque ones too. It’s the future of ED pills. Here is my Bluechew review!

How I Heard About

My wife and I are both in our mid-40s at this point, and ED is something I recently began to struggle with. We don’t have sex too regularly; it’s usually reserved for the weekend when we’re both a bit more energetic and not too tired from work. However, recently I wasn’t able to get it up for our weekend sex sessions and it put a strain on our relationship.

I’m not good at swallowing pills, so regular OTC Viagra was not going to cut it for me in general. After a little Googling, I read about Bluechew chewable Viagra pills and found the concept of a chewable Viagra pill very intriguing. Once I read that it takes effect more quickly than swallowed pills because of the chewing, I was sold.

Viagra pills you don’t need to swallow? Sign me up!

1-Month Bluechew Free Trial

Well, I say I was sold, but I actually did the 1-month Bluechew free trial at first. If a company is gonna let me try their stuff for free before parting with my cash, I’m always down for that. I signed up and gave them all the necessary details about my health and sex life. My health assessment form was checked by a doctor based in Chicago and I was approved in no time.

I was so excited to try these ED pills. They come to you in a little box every month and you can adjust the amount depending on how often you have sex. It’s a bit like HelloFresh or something like that, but for your cock. I get my razors delivered every couple of months, now I get my instant boner pills delivered too – it’s very convenient.

The Bluechew Plans

If you do decide to go with the full plan after the free trial, here is how it breaks down:

Sildenafil 30mg

  • “Active” plan – 6 x Sildenafil Chewables per month ($20)
  • “Busy” plan – 10 x Sildenafil Chewables per month ($30)
  • “Popular” plan – 17 x Sildenafil Chewables per month ($50)
  • “Pro” plan – 34 x Sildenafil Chewables per month ($90)

Tadalafil 6mg

  • “Active” plan – 4 x Tadalafil Chewables per month ($20)
  • “Busy” plan – 7 x Tadalafil Chewables per month ($30)
  • “Popular” plan – 14 x Tadalafil Chewables per month ($50)
  • “Pro” plan – 28 x Tadalafil Chewables per month ($90)

Discreet Packaging

Before you ask – yes, they come in discreet packaging. I was worried there’d be a parcel outside my door with “ERECTION PILLS” emblazoned across it but this is not the case. The packaging is subtle and doesn’t say what’s inside, so your neighbors will never know about your Bluechews.

The penis pills come in fancy little sachets which feel really classy and elevate the feel of the product. The little sachets also make these Bluechews easy to take with you on the go without needing to take a bottle of pills around. I think the sachets and the classy font make the whole experience feel less “medical” and more like a sexy luxury.

The sachets make the experience feel less “medical” and they also make it easier to take 1 or 2 Bluechews out and about with you.

The Taste

The taste of these Bluechew pills isn’t particularly amazing, but I’m not buying them for the amazing flavor. They’re sweet enough that they don’t offend my taste buds! Once I swallow the pills, they take around 20-30 minutes to take effect. Also, the effects seem to be diminished if you take them after a very large meal, so keep that in mind if you like food!

After 20-30 minutes, you can feel your cock starting to “wake up” in a way that’s hard to describe. Even if you’re not thinking about anything remotely sexy, you can feel your penis start to rush with blood and become excited. I find that this makes me horny as a result; I guess it’s a natural knock-on effect to having a big whopping erection in your pants!

How long does bluechew last?

I find that the erection itself lasts for around 60 minutes (more than enough time) but I guess this can vary from person to person. I don’t know about men in their 20s, but sex never lasts more than 10 minutes for me! The only downside is that you still have an erection for quite a while after you cum (and you’re not horny) but that applies to all Viagra-style products.

It’s annoying when you’ve got a pointless boner after sex, but it’s a small price to pay for amazing sex.

My First Bluechew Experience (NSFW Review!)

The first time I used Bluechew, my wife and I definitely noticed the difference! I told my wife that I was trying these pills because she knew that I was struggling with the shame of erectile dysfunction. She’s a very understanding woman and was incredibly supportive about the decision, which I’m eternally grateful for.

One day I was relaxing at home watching the TV while my wife was out at work. Just before she began her 30-minute drive home, she texted me to let me know that she was “in the mood” shall we say. I have no idea why she was suddenly so aroused, but I’m not going to question a good thing.

I immediately found my Bluechew stash, opened a sachet, and chewed down the wonderfully cheap Viagra alternative. After around 20 minutes, I could feel the erection growing in my boxers. Once I heard her car pulling up outside, the excitement of the moment added to the Bluechew effect and my cock was 100% throbbing and ready to go!

I’ve never felt so hard in my entire life.

She came into the front room and I instantly grabbed her like a knight in shining armor. We began to kiss as I stroked her breasts through her blouse. I slowly released her bra from the front so her bare breasts burst free. I begin to play with her nipples while kissing her and nursing the massive erection in my pants.

As I slid my hand down to her panties, I could already feel that she was wet. I threw her onto the couch and pulled down my pants, allowing my cock to spring free. She was visibly impressed – she hadn’t seen an erection like that from me in a long time. She beckoned me over seductively as she slid down her panties and threw them across the room – it was time.

There was no time to waste – we started right away! We ended up going it at for about 30 minutes in various positions and my cock was rock hard the whole time! Normally we’d be lucky to have missionary sex for a few minutes, but Bluechew gave my penis the stamina to run sexual marathons like I hadn’t done for years.

A Steamy Evening with Bluechew

A couple of weekends after that, we were in bed one night drifting off to the TV when she suddenly takes me by surprise. She whispered into my ear “I’m really horny right now” and took my hand, placing it on her pussy. I could feel her body quivering as I massaged her clit and her pussy started to get moist with excitement. However, I needed to take a Bluechew!

I told her to stay right there for a moment – I ran into the bathroom and quickly chewed down a Bluechew pill. They’re so much easier to take than regular ED medication, especially when you’re in a hurry like I was. I knew I needed to kill some time before I’d be able to get it up fully, so I went back in there and decided to get into some foreplay for a while.

When I returned I put my head under the covers and held her legs apart while I slowly licked her pussy. I made sure it was nice and wet. She loves to feel dominated like that – she kept letting out little screams and whimpers as she submitted to my desires. She even began playing with her nipples while her body quivered and I held her down – it was really hot.

I get an erection and she gets loads of foreplay – it’s a win-win!

I kept this going for around 15 minutes, and then I felt my cock grow extremely hard. It seems that my Bluechew had kicked in a little more quickly than normal; it was probably helped by how unbelievably sexy this was and how I hadn’t eaten much that day. After 15 minutes of pussy licking, my wife was more than ready to let me fuck her senseless.

I grabbed a couple of my work ties and tied her arms to the bedposts – she loves a little light bondage. I put her sleep-mask over her eyes as a blindfold, so she was unable to see. I knelt over her blindfolded face and she slowly sucked on my cock, licking up my fountain of precum. Impressed by how stiff and throbbing it felt, she begged me to fuck her… I obliged!

All in all, we had sex for about 10 minutes before I came. It was the sweaty, animalistic, pounding sex we used to have in our 20s. After 10 minutes of fun, we were both incredibly pleased with the outcome! I’ve tried generic Viagra online for sale in the past, but I’m terrible at swallowing pills and it all feels so medical.

Bluechew made it all so much more sensual and spontaneous.

Taking Bluechew Pills On Vacation

Okay, one last story. We were in Vegas the other week on vacation. When you’re staying in Sin City, there’s naturally a lot of sexual stimuli going around so it’s easy to feel horny. We ended up going to see a Cirque Du Soleil show which was all themed around burlesque and sex, so we ended up feeling extremely aroused by the end of it.

As we left the show, we headed back to our hotel and I told her to go up to the room while I got a drink from Starbucks. While there, I subtly popped a Bluechew (I keep a sachet in my wallet) and waited in Starbucks so I could sip on my Latte and let the erection pill take effect. After 10 or 15 minutes, I felt the boner coming and I quickly headed up to the room.

When I got to the room, she was waiting in the doorway wearing nothing but a pair of high heels and some sexy vibrating panties. Her body looked amazing. As soon as I shut the door behind me, she knelt down, pulled down my pants, and started to suck on my erect cock.

She hadn’t given me a blowjob like that in months.

After a couple of minutes sucking my cock, she reached down and turned on her vibrating panties. It was so hot to see her shake and moan in pleasure, going weak at the knees while she continued to suck my cock like her life depended on it. Soon, I noticed that she was dripping through the panties as she licked the tip of my dick.

I can never normally cum from a blowjob, but Bluechew and the sheer sexiness of the situation made me shoot my hot spunk right into her little bitch mouth – we both loved it. We both needed to lie down for a few minutes after that, despite not really doing much! Honestly, Bluechew has 100% saved my marriage’s sex life.

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My Review Verdict, Does Bluechew Work?

You can bet your ass it does.

Bluechew pills might just be a generic Viagra alternative, but the convenience of taking them and the portability of carrying them around in little sachets makes it so much easier and sexier to take one on the go and prepare for sex wherever, whenever. If you struggle with erectile dysfunction drugs over the counter, you need to give Bluechew a try for sure!


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