Benefits of Physical Activity

Benefits of Physical Activity

Performing physical activities daily is one of the easiest ways through which a person can maintain their health. It is not compulsory that it must involve going to the gym to lift heavy weights and run at a speed which makes your heart beat faster, as even a simple walk in the park or taking the stairs instead of the lift can help you maintain good health.

Physical activity can be performed in many ways, such as from going for a walk, to swimming or even playing any form of sport which requires few basic moments of the body. When it comes to the benefits of physical activities, there can possibly be no end to the list, as it not only helps physically but as has a positive effect on the mental state of the human mind. If you are still skeptical about performing physical activities and feel that a jar of chocolate spread is going to benefit you more than walking, then read the following points as it might be the motivation you require to start exercising.

1) Strengthens your bones and muscles

bones and muscles

You might be in great shape today, but as time passes, your bones and muscles will eventually start to weaken. The daily activities which are easy to perform today will get quite challenging. The easiest way to avoid resting on a chair in the future due to pain can be done by walking every day. Many studies have proven that performing muscle strengthening and aerobic exercises at a moderate level can slow down the process of loss of bone density which comes with age.

2) Reduces cardiovascular diseases

In a recent study conducted in the US, it showed that by simply performing physical activities for only 150 minutes a week a person could reduce the chances of being diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases by almost 25 percent. Physical activities increase the flow of blood within the body, which does not allow any form of a clot to form in the body, which is known to cause damages to various muscles of the heart.

3) Weight Management

Weight Management

It is a well-known fact that being overweight or obese is one of the main reasons which is known to cause various health problems in the human body. It not only affects the physical aspects of a person daily life but is also known to cause mental problems. Performing physical activities not only helps shred excessive weight but also helps releases endorphins in the human body, which is known to help release stress. Along with performing physical activities, it is also essential to keep an eye on the food which is being consumed by your body. Diet plays a vital role in losing weight, as it makes up for 70 percent of the weight loss process. Weight management would undoubtedly require a person to perform activities at a higher intensity as the body needs to burn the excessive fat which is stored and the cholesterol which is being consumed. Only when there is a loss in fat can there be changes seen in the body. Weight management process can also improve reflexes and hence prevent unnecessary injuries.

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