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Mission Statement

The NWPH’s aim is to educate people on modern health issues, with a focus on science and medical expertise. We live in an age where everyone Googles a question but is then confused when they receive contradicting answers.

Our mission is to take readers back to science, back to medical opinion from doctors and nurses, so that they can make an informed decision about their health. We not only provide information on medical conditions and diseases but also products being advertised as medical-grade or herbal remedies. 

We want to empower the average person with accurate and well-researched medical facts so that they can communicate better with their family physician. Our reviews and articles are up to date, referenced, and based on advice and quotes from medical professionals.

About Us

We are a group of researchers, writers, scientists, doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals that share a passion for health and recovery, and for sharing responsible and researched information. 

We have several team members who write on specific medical issues and healthcare niches, ensuring our knowledge database is easy to read and easy to share with a doctor later on. By understanding the basics of health, and communicating with your doctor and nurse about symptoms and therapies, you will be in a better position to improve your health and daily living.

Professional writers and researchers usually come from a medical background and have advanced degrees in a related field. Content written by writers or researchers is edited by medical professionals for accuracy and up to date information. 

Licensed doctors and nurses will also share their advice on essential issues and you can check their credentials by name. We believe in transparent reporting and working with your local medical community rather than dispensing unverified online advice. 

Why Follow Us?

  • Because you want accurate information and not guesswork
  • Because it really does matter what doctors and nurses say, as opposed to some random person on Facebook
  • Because a lot of false or exaggerated information is being spread about medical conditions and it’s important to know the truth
  • Because many online medical or herbal products are scams and do not work as advertised – readers need honest and unbiased reviews!

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Meet Our Team

Founder and CEO – Jack Hennings

Jack founded the National Wellness and Public Health Network in an effort to help people stop Googling and start learning more about medicine and healthcare. He currently oversees all editorial content and business operations as the company’s CEO. He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a Master’s Degree in Biology. Before founding NWPH, he worked as a healthcare administrator at Corizon in Moberly, Missouri. 

Chief Researcher – Collin Graham

As the son of a nurse, Collin has always been involved in the healthcare industry and community over the years and continues to make better health communication his passion in life. As Chief Researcher, Collin is in charge of product management and serves as editor-in-chief of online content. 

Collin earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Neuroscience from Tulane University in New Orleans and is working towards his PhD. Before working with NWPH, he worked as a social worker and in clinical research. His work has also appeared in AARP, Eating Well, and Family Circle

Jo Ann Thorne – Head Writer

Jo Ann is our in-house head writer and focuses on creating dental articles, oral health guides, and product reviews. She has also worked as an SEO specialist and has written many top 10 Google search pages for dental product reviews. 

Jo Ann Thorne is NWPH’s head writer and a resident at the University of Maryland. She has a bachelor’s degree in Arts/Dentistry and is earning her DDS at UMD Dental School. 

Our Medical Review Board

Tabitha Cranie, MD, Editor

Dr. Tabitha Cranie, MD, is a retired family physician currently living in St. Petersburg, Florida. After leaving New Jersey practice, she returned to work part time to help with COVID-19. She also joined NWPH as an editor and reviews the work of our staff for accuracy and accreditation. 

Dr. Shauna Hatcher, MSPH, Nutritionist

Dr. Shauna Hatcher is our expert staff writer for nutrition and dietary issues, as well as an editor. She is a Certified Nutritionist specializing in natural herbal remedies as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

She has always believed in the power of herbal remedies and natural foods to boost immunity and has published work in Grit Magazine and Little India. She earned her MSPH degree from Rollins School of Public Health from Emory University. 

Hadi Moreno, Obgyn

Dr. Hadi Moreno is a board-certified OBGYN and Medical Educator currently working at Mercer University School of Medicine. He also writes seasonal articles for NWPH, hoping to reach a wider audience so that more people will follow up with physicians for cancer screening and prevention. He earned his degree from Tufts Medical Center in Boston Massachusetts.

Dr. Amanda Hudgens, MA, Sexologist 

Dr. Amanda Hudgens, MA, is a sexologist and online sex therapy consultant, specializing in couples therapy. She uses her education and freelance counseling practice to help couples to stay together and work through problems. She studied at the Sapienza University of Rome, where she earned her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychosexology.

Research & Writing Team

Victor Estrada, Researcher and Writer

Victor Estrada is a writer and product reviewer for NWPH. He worked as a Medical Journalist for Preferred Health Magazine and has also written reviews for Consumer Reports. He studied at Pomona College, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences at North Greenville University. 

Danielle Redcloud, MSc

Danielle Redcloud is a researcher and writer at NWPH with a focus on genetics and biology. She earned a Master of Science Degree in Digital Marketing at Full Sail University in Florida. She continues to report on the most innovative new technologies in modern medicine and what they mean for healthcare.

Alex Griffin, RN, BSN

Alex Griffin is a Registered Nurse with over ten years of experience working in general surgery. She brings surgical nursing expertise to her NWPH projects and focuses on surgery preparation, aftercare, and recovery. She holds a BSN from the University of Texas at Tyler. 

Cathy Baker, MSN

Cathy is a Registered Nurse living in Tusla, Oklahoma, and working at the frontlines of COVID-19 in hopes of helping people recover and return back to normal. She also contributes articles and reviews to NWPH. Currently with an MSN in nursing, she is studying for her Doctorate of Nursing Practice. 

Rob Olson, Technical Writer

Rob Olsen is a technical writer that writes product reviews and articles on new medical devices and surgical breakthroughs. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Friends University in Overland Park, Kansas. His expertise allows him to focus on details listed in online health products, to determine if they’re safe and worth buying. 

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