The National Wellness and Public Health Network

The work of public health professionals, local authorities and providers of healthcare and other services relevant to health of the North West population.

To highlight the role that alcohol can play in delivering Public Service Agreements (PSAs)

National Health Profiles

Find health profiles based on the previous records of the patients based on data and time.

Smoking Profiles

Make smoking profiles and track the health of your lungs through the treatment processes.

Life Expectancy Charts

Find the life expectancy charts based on your health records and also the average life expectancy.

Dental Epidemiology Programme

Join our dental programmes and get professional assistance and tips for your dental care.

Health Indicatiors

Get a complete diagnosis of your body and get the right health indications to prevent future diseases.

Routine Checkup

Become a member and get routine checkups every 3 weeks from your personal doctor.

Local Authorites & Health Care Service

Get the best public health services in your locality and enjoy the benefits of health campaigns. Our public health care team provide medical facilities to all while raising awareness for self-help programs. We are in association with the local authorities in reaching out to the remotest regions in providing the right healthcare that people deserve.

Performance Targets For Public Services

Safer and stronger communities

Economy and enterprise

Children and young people

Healthy communities and older people

Primary Care Trust Profiles

Public Service

High-quality public service programs with the best doctors and nurses.

Treating Alcohol Abuse

Fighting the problem of chronic drinking with the right awareness and treatments.

Health Line Documentation

Health records of the entire community to prevent any viral diseases from spreading.

Interactive Child Health Profiles

Special child care facilities at your nearest centers providing the right care and attention to your kids.

Our Testimonials

Our neighbourhood probably has the best health care facilities in the entire city as our healthcare facilities are always about people.

June R. Campos

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