Dental Public Health Intelligence Programme

The Public Health England, Dental Public Health Intelligence Programme incorporates all aspects of the former NHS Dental Epidemiology Programme. This programme supports the collection, analysis and dissemination of reliable and robust information on the oral health needs of local populations.

The Public Health England Knowledge and Intelligence Team North West (KITNW), the Dental Public Health Epidemiology Team (DPHET, formerly The Dental Observatory) and key stakeholders, including the British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry (BASCD), are working together to generate intelligence to support high quality commissioning.


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2015/16 Oral Health Survey of Older People

NEW National protocol, supporting guidance and documentation

2015 Oral health of older people in England and Wales

This publication brings together data from existing national, regional and local surveys of oral health in older people. It combines this information with social, demographic and health data to provide a summary of what we already know about the current and future oral health needs of older people in England and Wales.

PHE health monitoring report on water fluoridation 2014

Dental Health Profiles

Local Authority Profiles – dental health of five-year-old children 2012

2011/12 Survey of 5 year old children

View results of the 5 year olds survey 2011/12

Survey work to support the Adult Dental Health Survey

Local Supplementary Surveys of Adult Sub-Groups were undertaken to provide information on adults with learning disabilities, adults in contact with domiciliary dental care services and adult users of unplanned dental care services.

These allowed comparison with Adult Dental Health Survey information. Summarised information for each of the sub-groups is provided here.

Click here for results

2007/08 Survey of 5 year old children

View results of the 5 year olds survey 2007/08