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PHE Dental Epidemiology Coordinators

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Surveys of 5 year old children

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Surveys of other children (3, 12 year olds and special support schools)

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Surveys of adults and guidance

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2016 Dental Epidemiology toolkit

View the toolkit that provides stakeholders with the information they need to understand fully all aspects of the PHE Dental Public Health Epidemiology Programme.

2017 Extractions data

Hospital episodes for extraction of one or more primary or permanent teeth among 0 to 19 year olds, 2011/12 – 2016/17

Dental Health Profiles

Local Authority Profiles – dental health of five-year-old children

2018 Dental Prescribing Dashboard

UPDATED View the dashboard that provides insight into dental prescribing across England.

PHE Fingertips Oral Health Indicators

These online indicators provide a set of oral health and related indicators that will support local authorities to focus on and prioritise oral health improvement initiatives, particularly among young children.

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Water Fluoridation toolkit and health monitoring report

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